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Products for agrochemical industry

ATLAD Chemical supplies to the industry manufacturer of agrochemicals, biocides and additives to optimize production and improve the performance of pesticides, fertilizers and nutrients.

Our catalogue of products includes biocides, defoamers, wetting agents, thickeners and detergents for production of pesticides, nutrients and foliar products in general such as Auxiliaries for granulation, anticaking, Pigments and Absorbents for manufacturers of fertigation solid fertilizers and universal substrates. Chemipol biocides range for agrochemcials are used in a wide range of products providing excellent microbiological protection. BIOPOL ® family includes high purity Isothiazolinones stabilized with innovative system reducing the sensitization potential, as well as a range of preparations based on different subsyances widely used in preservation of all type of agrochemical products.

Benefits to you

  • Optimum combination of efficacy and environmental compatibility.
  • Performance at low dosage.
  • Cost-effective (savings).
  • Reduced sensitization potential.
  • Regulatory compliance.
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