• We are active in chemical products
    Atlad Chemical
    The ATLAD chemicals particularly empha-sise specialty chemicals products
    as engines of long-term growth, and have already built solid positions in several highly promising areas.
  • Our Products Lines
    Macromolecular compounds which are used to bring about the exchange of cations and anions,
    differing for matrix (styrenic or acrylic), crosslinking degree, porosity (gel, porous or highly porous),
    active groups (strongly and weakly acidic, strongly and weakly basic, chela- ting) ...
  • The Products
    macromolecular compounds which are used to bring about the adsorption of various substances,
    dif- fering for matrix, crosslinking degree, pore volume, surface area,
    hydrophobic degree, particle size range, and purity

ATLAD Chemical

Our Product Lines


Highly porous hydrophilic chromatographic resins, chromatographic resins for biopolymers purification. The use of high purity active compounds is a key requirement in all therapeutic applications. Liquid column chromatography ...

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ReliChrom™ pre-packed columns

ReliChrom™ pre-packed columns have been developed by Resindion to provide a practical and reliable tool for the screening of its ReliSorb™SS highly porous polymeric matrices for chromatographic bioseparations.

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ReliZyme™ and SEPABEADS™ EC

ReliZyme™ as an improvement of the consolidated industrial line of SEPABEADS™ EC. Highly porous hydrophilic activated adsorbent. Physically and chemically stable. Low swelling tendency and outstanding mechano-osmotic resistance

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Relite™ Ion exchange resins

RELITE™ ion exchange and adsorbent resins are stable insoluble copolymers into which active acid or basic groups are introduced by appropriate chemical reactions.The copolymer composition can be modified changing the proportion ...

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These are the resins of cross linked polystyrene matrix having sulfonic acid groups. There are SK-grade of gel type, PK-grade of porous type and HPK25 of highly porous type. The standard shipping form is sodium salt (in some cases hydrogen form is available).

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MCI GEL™ products have been developed for HPLC with excellent performance, and includes various kind of packing materials and packed columns for analytical uses. MCI GEL™ products is derived from Mitsubishi Chemical's manufacturing experience of DIAION™ ion exchange resins and SEPABEADS™ synthetic adsorbents.

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Who We Are?

We wish to introduce ourselves as one of the Saudi company involved in the Trading of Chemicals & other industrial supplies. Our corporate office is located in Al Khobar city. We have sale offices/warehouse facilities in Dammam.

We are official vendor for Saudi Aramco, Sabic & most private petrochemical companies for the supply of various kinds of chemicals.

The chemical division is supplier/vendor of chemical raw materials and additives to all the segments of local industry (i.e. Oil & Gas Industry, Petrochemical Industry, Juice Industry, Cement factory, Dairy Industry, Bakeries Industry, Paint Industry, Plastic Industry, Resins Industry, Fiberglass Industry, and Ink Industry etc.).

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ATLAD Chemical Supplies biocides, additives and process chemicals to a wide variety of industries. All our partner products are supported by comprehensive product data sheets, safety data sheets, are officially approved and comply with local and regional regulations.

For further data, please ask us by submitting the request form available in this website Contact Us →.

Why Choose Us?

  • International supplier of chemical solutions for aqueous systems.
  • A flexible organization.
  • Technical-sales teams specialized by industries of application.
  • Full technical support with the ability to conduct all tests related to product range.
  • Ability to manufacture custom made formulations.
  • Support to distributors with technical data, customer visits, etc.
  • We are partner with leading manufacturers Solvay, Belgium - Chemipol Spain - Resindion, Italy

ATLAD Chemical provide biocides, additives and process chemicals to a wide variety of industries. All our products are supported by comprehensive product data sheets, safety data sheets, are officially approved and comply with local and regional regulations. Information here contained is for general guidance. For further data, please ask us by submitting the request form available in this website or contact directly Chemipol in your area.

Products by industries


Bactericides, fungicides, defoamers, emulsifiers, granulation adjuvants. We supplies to the industry manufacturer of agrochemicals, biocides and additives to optimize production and improve the performance of pesticides, fertilizers and nutrients.

Emulsions and adhesives

Preservatives for protection of wet-state and dry-state products. We supplies a complete range of biocides and defoamers to the industry producer of polymer dispersions, emulsions, glues, adhesives, silicones.


Biocides for microbial control, multifunctional additives, POF additives. We supplies a complete range of biocides to control and eliminate microbial contamination in hydrocarbons and a wide range of multifunctional additives for diesel-oil A, diesel-oil C, and bio-fuel.

Household products

Preservatives for microbial control. We supplies a complete range of preservatives for detergents, household and institutional cleaners and additives protection from microbial contamination.

Metalworking fluids

Biocides for microbial control. We supplies bactericides and fungicides for control of micro-organisms growth in metalworking fluids.

Paints and coatings

In-can preservatives, dry-film preservatives, defoamers, wetting agents, dispersants. We supplies biocides and additives that optimize the production process and enhance quality of paints, coatings, polymer emulsion, inks, and construction chemicals among other technical products.


Biocides, defoamers, fixing agents, starch ionizers, wire and felt conditions. We distributes a Wide range of antimicrobials and additives for paper production industry.

Personal care

Preservatives, foam control agents and plant hygiene products. We supplies preservatives for leave-on and rinse-off personal care and cosmetic formulations.

Water treatment

Products for industrial circuits, resverse osmosis, wasterwater, water purification. We offers a complete range of solutions for the water treatment industry that includes a wide range of chemical products, equipments and services for water processing and wastewater treatment.